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Join Ele’s Inner Circle to get...

  • Early Access to Ele: Join the Ele beta and get the chance to start integrating her into your life before anyone else.
  • A Year of Ele Premium: Once Ele launches on the App Store you’ll have premium access immediately for a whole year. ($300 value)
  • Year's Supply of Planners: Enjoy four of our award winning planners, shipped immediately. Don’t know your Brain Type? Don’t worry, we’ll follow up via email and send you an assessment after you join. ($275 value)
  • Sharing Is Caring: You can invite two friends, family members, or coworkers that you think would benefit from Ele and they can join you during the beta.

After joining you'll receive an introduction email where you'll share what type of planners you'd like sent to you as well as more information about access to the beta for you and your friends.