EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards
EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards

EVO Go™ - Pocket-Sized Daily Planner Notecards

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True success is NOT endless productivity and checking off boxes. It's a feeling — of focus, flow, and freedom. 

We're all unique and wired differently, so of course, we shouldn't all be working the same way.

EVO Go™ is a combination of pocket-sized daily planner notecards and an intelligent mobile app. These on-the-go notecards can be used by itself OR as a supplement to your EVO Planner.

The system is personalized to YOU and specifically designed around how your Brain Type™ naturally works so you can achieve more flow and thrive.

Are you happier or more effective when you get outside? Does your flow take a dip when you skip your morning meditation? EVO will show you.

Get more results, have more energy and become more aligned with who you really are. Endless productivity isn't the answer...it's focus. Flow follows focus. And flow is freedom.

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Includes 30 notecards.




Size: 4" x 6"

Total Cards: 30

Weight: 6.56 oz (0.41 lbs)


USA: 3-5 Business Days 

Canada: 3-10 Business Days

Europe: 2-10 Business Days

World: 10-25 Business Days


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“I spent 10 years booked solid from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. I love the work I do, but I was on the verge of burning out. The EVO Flow System gives my team and I the tools we need to thrive individually and collectively. Our customized planners help us individually plan our day in a unique way that ensures we get the most important things checked off the list.”

Kim Harrison

Chief Revel Officer at Start With Why

“As a neuroscientist and psychology researcher, I am naturally interested in pioneering tools like the EVO Planner. As an Alchemist, I often forget to plan fun activities and rewards in my workday. The fact that the EVO team knew to incorporate this into my planner shows deep research, and I think it’s a phenomenal idea. Similarly, reflection is something I often miss, and incorporating these elements helps me remember the importance of this. I can clearly see how many elements of my planner reflect my processing traits from the Brain Type Assessment.”

Dr. Stacey Bedwell

Psychology and Neuroscience Researcher & Lecturer at Birmingham City University

“I’ve never consistently used a planner before — until now. I’ve tried so many, but I always stopped after the first day because it felt overwhelming and they were all very generic. But I now use EVO — the world’s first personalized productivity system based on your Brain Type (I’m an Explorer). I believe EVO is essential for anyone looking to tap into their true greatness.”

Lewis Howes

NYT bestselling author and host of
The School of Greatness​

“I'm no longer losing track of tasks I need to complete. It's refreshing to have somewhere physical to look when I'm not sure what other "jobs" I might be forgetting to do. Best of all, though, is that it's helped me be more mindful of what I'm doing and how I'm accomplishing it. I've seen gradual improvements in areas that weren't even on my radar before: everything from increasing productivity at work, to discovering what sort of activities really nourish me during down-time. And I've got a handy tool to look over and reflect on what's working and what's not. I feel like it's developed into a dear friend who sees things about me that I haven't even fully realized yet.”

Jessica Dybsetter


“Personal growth. I totally bought the planner solely for work and keeping on top of tasks, but it’s so much more than that. From using the planner and the app I’ve learned that I don’t do enough for my myself (wellness) and filling out the Gratitude section really helps start my day on a positive foot. I now have a better understanding of where my strengths and weaknesses lie and the planner/app combo helps put it into a visual.”

Jacqueline Burnes


“It helps me get more in tune with my morning and evening rituals.  I’ve only just gotten it but I’m noticing ways to improve my life in strategic ways.  I didn’t think the app was going to be anything to write home about and I was wrong!  It’s nice getting a notification to fill it in for the day, the layout it gorgeous, and I love the cute little mascot and sounds you see when you’ve scanned in for the day.  Sometimes it really is the little things in life and this is a win for me!”

Avi G


“I love the priority settings of the Alchemist planner. It helps me make my day the most productive it can be. I also love the gratitudes portion because it ensures each day I think about something I’m grateful for. Even if the day is tough, I know I can list at least three things I feel thankful for.”

Becca Brannock


"So many big wins!  I can make decisions easier.  I am braver and more sure of my course.  I purchased my first home, have directed two plays (Never had done that before), broke up a bad relationship on my terms, started a new one on my terms.  Am finally repairing some of the negative things in my work environment and am getting ready to redesign what I do for a living so it fit my flow. Now that I know what blocks me, I can fight it. Now that I know how to choose to be in flow, I'm not afraid of it."

Kim Doppe